We give local communities the knowledge and tools they need to create and implement effective, sustainable plans.



In 2009, a group of dedicated, experienced health professionals formed a bold plan.

They saw an opportunity to improve the poor health outcomes they witnessed in underserved African populations. The problem wasn’t simply a clinical issue but an organizational one. The answer was BRITE, an innovative group dedicated to creating lasting solutions for better healthcare delivery to all patients.

We recognize that the challenge should be addressed at the local level and from the ground up—giving healthcare workers a solid foundation in managerial and leadership skills to ensure better health outcomes.

At BRITE, we train doctors, nurses, clinical officers and community health workers, as well as human resource, finance, administrative and other non- clinical personnel working in the health sector.


BRITE workshops help people solve real-world challenges. Participants address actual issues facing them in their own hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities. They then work with one another and with mentors to develop practical solutions. Interactive case study assignments result in teams who are immediately empowered to apply these lessons to their real-world situations. Leaders across the healthcare system are learning important skills from BRITE that allow them to identify and tackle problems in ways that they were unable to do so before.


  • Both individuals and healthcare systems as a whole benefit from BRITE trainings.
  • Individuals gain strategic planning skills, learn how to anticipate needs and discover how to reduce the amount of time spent reacting to issues that arise in day-to-day management.
  • Health systems become more efficient through the improved forecasting, supply chain and resource management skills applied by healthcare professionals.

BRITE trainings start with a focus on the patient. Participants address gaps in the infrastructure that may be affecting care. They identify “big picture” management issues, rather than disease-specific problems. With this broad view, trainees work toward creating an entire health system that is functioning and outcome-centric—from managing the supply chain, to maintaining facilities, to managing staff. Trainees return to work, share their knowledge, problem-solve, engage with mentors and continue the cycle of learning.


  • BRITE trainings are tailored and practical.
  • BRITE trainings are on-site and team-based, incorporating mentorship and skill building that combines theoretical understanding with hands-on activities.
  • BRITE trainings result in high performance teams – long-term mentoring relationships help to ensure that lessons learned are shared beyond the workshop setting.

BRITE is a trusted local partner, collaborating with government institutions, academic institutions and implementing organizations. The focus is on building long-term relationships that offer lasting benefits.


  • BRITE’s deeply-rooted local connections have strengthened the ability to improve care throughout the healthcare system.
  • BRITE is funded by private and public partners, including USAID and The Merck Foundation.


We are a powerful implementer, working at all levels of the healthcare system— national, provincial and community. Through our signature BRITE Management and Leadership Academy (MLA) workshops, healthcare workers learn how to identify, prioritize and overcome the management challenges that affect care. Graduates leave our program empowered to lead, manage and solve real-world problems. And most importantly, participants gain the skills necessary to create solutions that will stay in place, long after the training is over.

MLA graduates are applying their knowledge to standardize and streamline hospital practices, improve communication among staff members, share best practices, maximize limited human resources and budgets, modernize record keeping, and many more important undertakings. They are fundamentally improving their respective healthcare systems—and making life better for all of their patients.

BRITE’s MLA initiative in Zambia has provided training for healthcare administrators, managers and other ministry officials in district health regions and provincial health offices throughout Zambia. Through this program, BRITE has significantly increased the number of healthcare workers who feel prepared to meet the management and leadership challenges they encounter each day.